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Home Residential Benefits

The benefits to applying window film are great. Our clients are often excited to learn that whatever benefit they are seeking, they receive additional benefits by installing window film in their home.

Protection From Fading

Don’t wait until its too late. UV rays enter your home even when it doesn’t look like they are. Just as you get burnt at the beach on an overcast day, your artwork, fine furnishings, hardwood floors, and window treatments are getting faded by the sun every day that you don’t have window film installed on your windows.

Heat Reduction and Reduced Energy Bills

Most of our clients earn back the value of their installations within 2 to 4 years. Window film saves you money in the summer AND the winter. During the summer, solar control films block out over HALF the heat that usually transmits through your windows, making it much easier to regulate your internal temperature and taking a load of your AC. And yet, because it insulates your internal temperature, you save money on your heating bill in the winter as well.The US Department of Energy highlights window film in their tips on saving energy.

Glare Control

At Solar Eclipse, most of our clients call about glare issues in the fall and winter. The sun comes up lower on the horizon during these months which means glare is at its worst during this time. We can reduce your glare from 30% to 70% depending on what film type most meets your needs. This means you’ll be able to see your TV comfortably in your living room and your loved ones with ease at the breakfast table.


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