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Home Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms

Excessive visible light that that causes eye strain

Metalized Window Film
Polyester window film with metals imbedded in the fibers in order to reflect and absorb heat and light. Most films on the market are metalized and make your windows difficult to see out of at night.

Basically, its Tiny Technology. In scientific terms, nanotechnology involves the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale. With window film, the tiny technology is imbedded into polyester fibers to directly control the transference of solar energy through the film, and thus your window.

Non-metalized window film
Window Film like 3Ms Prestige line or Ceramic Series that does not contain metals and therefore allows for clear visibility through your windows. Solar Eclipse Glass Tinting The best window tinting company around—founded in 1999 and ready to serve you Total

Solar Energy Rejected
The amount of heat that is rejected by the window film and therefore does not enter your home

Ultraviolet Rays (UV)
The part of the solar spectrum that causes the most damage to your interiors and your skin. Most every window film rejects 99% of all UV rays.

Visible Light Transmittance
The amount of visible light that enters through your window

Window Film
A sheet-like film for your glass that is made out of polyester fibers, in various thicknesses, and can be used for the purposes of solar control, privacy, interior design, or safety and security. The make-up of the film and technology used differs according to each purpose


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