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Safety and Security Films

Strong enough to hold
this man's weight

Strong enough to keep
this man out

3M provides a wide range of safety and security films. They quite literally make bullet proof films and Solar Eclipse has installed such films for such government agencies as The Department of Homeland Security. While such films aren’t necessary for most homes, its nice to know that the technology goes that far and that you can choose a film that will can certainly keep out the lurking man with a crowbar.

Ultra 400

Ultra 400 is a 4 mm thick safety and security film that will hold all of your glass together in the even it is broken and prevent someone from getting through the glass. It does not provide much heat rejection or energy efficiency benefits, yet it does reject 99% of the UV rays and thus reduces fading of your interiors. If you’re looking for a safety and security film that will help you sleep soundly at night, this may be the right film for you.

Ultra Prestige

The Ultra Prestige series is the highest end film available. It combines all of the same benefits of our Prestige Solar Control Line with the safety and security benefits of our Ultra 400. If you’re looking for a safety and security film that helps you sleep soundly at night AND maximizes heat rejection and protection from fading without changing the appearance of your windows, this may be the right film for you.


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Safeguard your home from Break-ins with 3M Safety and Security Films

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